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External wall insulation system: external wall insulation system, external wall internal insulation system, external wall self-insulation system, roof waterproof insulation system, thermal insulation coating external insulation system; all kinds of thermal insulation mortar, flame retardant insulation board, heat radiation resistant material , aerated concrete block, foamed concrete slab, foam glass, foamed ceramic plate, modified polystyrene board, modified PU board, rock wool material, glass wool, heat insulation film, facing brick, etc.;

Interior wall insulation decoration materials: gypsum block, hollow glass brick, inorganic insulation paste, lightweight partition board, paper gypsum board, gypsum fiber board, gypsum particle board, gypsum hollow board, metal surface sandwich board, etc., high performance concrete Wait;

Raw materials, parts and machinery: adhesive, crack-resistant mortar, face mortar, latex powder, rubber powder, cellulose, vitrified beads, ceramsite, anchor bolts, fasteners, fiberglass mesh, modification Expanded vermiculite, new building decoration fireproof materials, energy-saving building materials manufacturing and construction machinery.

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86-21-63730652   [email protected]

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